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Pana LCE Summer 2022 

This summer, Pana LCE is coming to a city near you.  We’d love to see you and share details on Pana LCE Fund I and other investment opportunities. See below our schedule and let us know your availability! Not in the area on these dates? Please reply to this email to set up an individual meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • May 30-31: Chicago, IL
  • June 1: Houston, TX
  • June 6-9: California – San Francisco & Bay Area
  • June 20-24: NYC
  • June 27 – 30: Boston, MA & Miami, FL
  • July 4-8: London, UK
  • July 11 – 24: NYC
  • July 25 – 29: Texas – Dallas, Houston, Austin
  • August 15-20: Nantucket
  • September 12-23: Salt Lake City and California

2022 Events


July 25th-29th 2022 Pivot Event Houston

PIVOT is a decade-long conference series focused on catalyzing startups, governments, philanthropists, investors, oil, gas and geothermal industry players to collaborate, innovate, and push geothermal development into exponential growth globally by 2030

CEO Caroline Abramo will be moderating a panel on July 29th

March 29th-31st 2022 Decarb Connect Houston

experienced leaders from energy and industrial sectors with the emerging ecosystem for decarbonization

CEO Caroline Abramo will be participating on the ESG panel

More info on how to register here!

February 18th 2022  Fund Finance Association event

FFA Global Symposium: Higher PE Returns: Women GP Founders Paving the Way

CEO Caroline Abramo will be participating in the panel



January 24th-26th 2022 Context Summit Miami 

This in-person event will bring together qualified investors and alternative investment managers for several days of productive, prescheduled one-on-one meetings along with high-quality content and networking opportunities!

CEO Caroline Abramo will be participating in the ESG panel

Register here

2021 Highlights 

November 16th-17th 2021 Infrastructure Investor New York Forum

This is the fourteenth forum for industry leaders to combine ideas on redefining infrastructure investment Register here

November 12th 2021 Bucknell University Finance Speaker Series Class

The speaker series class is held for Bucknell alumni to share their career path experience with students currently interested in finance and ESG related topics Hosted by the Freeman College Of Management

October 26th-27th 2021 The London Climate Salon

The climate salon convenes the world’s largest pools of capital to explore private investment in climate

October 14th-15th 2021 Women In Alternative Investments Career Forum

The fifth annual WAVE Women in Alternative Investments Career Forum is the industry leading event to recruit and source the next generation of women in finance details here

September 14th 2021 SALT NEW YORK

CEO Caroline Abramo, moderated the “Sustainable Infrastructure” panel  

September 21st-24th 2021  The Great Repricing

“Financial advice in the age of climate change” Our CEO Caroline Abramo spoke with Nicholas Canosa, President and CEO of Braven Environmental.

View full interview here

September 23rd 2021  Climate Impact Panel 

A Conversation between Caroline Abramo of Pana LCE and Jim Fournier of to discuss how innovation is addressing climate challenges head-on.

View full interview here

June 3rd 2021 Decarb Connect Podcast Series

CEO, Caroline Abramo speaks with Alex Cameron, from Debcarb Connect, a London based firm on Clean Tech and the Biden Administration

What does clean tech look like post covid and a Biden Administration?


2020 Highlights 


The Impact Fintech TV

CEO Caroline Abramo speaks with Jeffery Gitterman on energy evolution and offers insight on the low carbon economy 

Investing in a Low Carbon Economy

June 9th 2020- Pana LCE Redefines ESG Investing: Launches Pana LCE Fund 1 and New Low Carbon Economy Platform

September 16th 2020- CEO Caroline joined HFM US Leadership online panel.

September 25th 2020- CEO Caroline joined INSEADs Panel on Innovative Technology in the Energy Space.

October 12th-15th 2020- CEO Caroline Abramo joined Private Equity Institute’s (PEI) Global Infrastructure Global Summit.

October 20th 2020- CEO Caroline Abramo spoke at the Kayo Women’s Infrastructure Investment Summit.

October 26th-27th 2020- CEO Caroline Abramo attended The investment Institute Forum’s Virtual Summit and City Dinner.

December 3rd 2020- CEO Caroline Abramo joined as a panelist at the Private Equity Institute’s (PEI) Women in Infrastructure Forum.

October 21st 2020- CEO Caroline Abramo moderated a panel on Technology Disruptions in Sustainability at the HWW Accelerating Impact and Women in Impact forum.