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What we do

Pana LCE is a private growth equity investment platform for companies driving the transition towards a LCE (low carbon economy).  Pana’s expertise is full scale commercial adoption of climate technologies to maximize both impact and return.  

 Pana is a fiduciary to family offices and institutions through our fund and separate accounts. Pana advises on direct company ownership and transition plans to reduce large scale GHG emissions, ESG, and impact. Pana’s core target sectors are energy, industrials, agriculture, and real estate. 

Our core target sectors are:

  • Energy
  • Industrials
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate

We are WBE Certified and we adhere to UN PRI, UN SDG, SASB, GRESB, and IFC Impact Investing standards and principles.


Recognizing climate change is the single greatest opportunity and threat to our financial system. Pana LCE has constructed a durable investment management company that proves that impact and capitalism are not mutually exclusive.


Why Now?

  • No less than 100 trillion dollars is needed to transition the global economy to reduce GHG emissions and the impacts of climate
  • The new climate economy is the growth story of the 21st century
  • Government commitments and regulatory tailwinds are accelerating
  • Commercially profitable technology has been perfected over decades and needs growth capital
  • Consumers are paying a green premium for sustainable products and services

Why Pana?

  • Fiduciary value adds across sourcing, diligence, and structuring
  • Physical assets, logistics and consumer experience
  • Growth equity focus leading venture into commercial deployment
  • Network of Strategic Corporates, Investors, and Asset Managers
  • Ability to leverage to $1 Trillion in Investments

Unlock the power

There are multiple ways to unlock the power of Pana LCE:

Pana LCE
Fund I, LP

Pana SMA



Each offers investors access our platform, proprietary tools, and portfolio management expertise including:

  • Transparent and proven ESG process
  • Pana Network Tool – PNT TM
  • Pana Risk Score – PRS TM
  • Access to Pana LCE research, portfolio management teams, and independent views
  • Access to Pana LCE open architecture for investments and risk management
  • Custom monitoring and reporting

Turning aspiration into action

Our firm, strategy, and actions are guided by these core tenets every day:


Embedded within every facet of the Pana LCE platform


As a fiduciary, partner, and firm in our investment process


Of thoughts and perspectives that can be implemented to achieve better investment outcomes


Fervor for our investors, peers, and partners and a zeal for our core values and mission



What makes Pana LCE Different?

Experience, relationships and expertise that set us apart:

Deal Access

With 30 years of relationships, we get invited into the key technology-led deals

Institutional Foundation

At Bankers Trust/Deutsche, Enron, CS, BNPP, Carlyle, and Lazard, we have financed projects, provided debt facilities, taken companies to IPO, and hedged commodity supply contracts

Commodity Experience

Our commodity trading roots enable us to understand top down and bottom up risks, classify them, and manage them.

Real Assets PM Experience

We’ve managed equity and debt portfolios and have proven to deliver on stated IRRs and tenors.


We are all analysts and have 30 years of experience modeling the first companies in the LCE space.